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Business Insights: 6 tips from Chris

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Osteopathy - What is osteopathy

Osteopathy – What is osteopathy (Photo credit: MyBestTreat)

Five things I wish I’d known when I started in business as an Osteopath…

  1. That it’s OK not to know everything immediately
  2. Just because you’re young/inexperienced doesn’t mean you’re not any good
  3. It’s only right that people pay for your time/efforts as you’ve trained hard to get to this stage
  4. Keep your mind open and expect to learn something everyday
  5. Life and work are a journey but it’s not always a linear path or a direction that you expect. Just do your best every day and everything else takes care itself
  6. Before entering the Osteopathic sector, people need to accept that it’s just like taking your driving test.  The training/degree teaches you to be safe and competent; you only become good in Osteopathy through experience and being open to learning/growth once you’ve left college.

Chris Lambert-Gorwyn, Osteopath, City Life Gurus Ltd.


Written by getrealvideo

February 5, 2013 at 9:00 am

2 Responses

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