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Lisa Marks, Uptown Events, London

I am an Events Manager at Uptown Events and am responsible for looking after the majority of private events – Barmitzvahs, landmark birthday parties and weddings – within the company. My main role revolves around client liaisons and managing the event throughout the booking process – from the initial enquiry right through to being there on the day to make sure all runs perfectly. I began looking for work in an incredibly difficult period – graduating in the height of the recession in 2009. Having completed a Psychology degree, I decided that the best way to gain entry into a company was to get a work experience placement – essentially giving me a two week opportunity to prove, even though I had no experience in the sector, that I was prepared to work hard and learn.

I love the amount of client interaction and opportunities to meet new and different types of people that I have. One day I can be dealing with a family working on a milestone event, the next day I am helping to run Team Building events at London Zoo and the next I am putting together a film premier. On top of this, there is a huge amount of job satisfaction – especially private events. There is nothing nicer than working with a client for a year and a half to two years, seeing their event come together without any faults and then getting a lovely email, card or gift as a token of their appreciation of your hard work.

It is worth bearing in mind when thinking of getting into the events industry that while it looks like a glamorous and exciting job – and for the most part it is(!) – you have to be prepared to muck in with the less glamorous tasks and the hours are incredibly long and unsociable. I have to sacrifice a lot of weekends, as this is when most of our events run, and often work long hours in the office to ensure that everything is ready in time. Being able to problem solve and react quickly and calmly is also another essential skill required in events. When things go wrong – and they will – you need to be able to remain calm, think logically and overall present a cool facade to the client to keep them at ease.

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January 8, 2013 at 9:00 am

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