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Top tips to boost your confidence

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Top tips to boost your confidence

Confidence workoutAerobics class at the gym

  1. What are you good at? Take a list out once a week and add something new to it even if it’s a new recipe you’ve tried or making a call you’ve been procrastinating over.
  2. Do the Research.  Start working towards your goal/dream.  Take a course….Work the internet….Find out as much as you can about anything that could be relevant
  3. Work on your small talk.  Get questions ready.  (How do you know the host? What did you do for Christmas? How was your week-end?) Show genuine interest in people.  Actively listen.
  4. Do something new.  French, Guitar, Astronomy, anything.  Learning something new is great for your confidence.  If you don’t fancy classes do a charity walk or bungee jump or a marathon.  Any major challenge will give you more self-esteem, purpose, and yes, confidence too.
  5. Think ‘looks’.  While confidence doesn’t come from clothes, make up or hairdos, all 3 help.  It’s well worth investing in your appearance so that your clothes really reflect the new you.
  6. Smile!  It relaxes other people and it’s catching. Smile at someone you don’t normally have any communication with at work and progress to a conversation using your new small talk skills.  You’ll soon find you strike up a different sort of relationship.
  7. Plot your route.  Write down all the necessary steps you’ll need to take to reach your goal.  Follow it slowly but surely.
  8. Keep a Diary or a Personal log.  It’s a great way of raising your sense of self by reinforcing the fact that you and your opinions count.  E.g. What did I do well today?
  9. Plan a gathering of some kind.  Make a list of possible guests, venue, food, music etc .  Think of everyone as a potential guest and you’ll try harder to reinforce relationships.  Be ready for the time when your confidence is high enough for you to put the plans into action.
  10. Finally, remember that everyone’s vulnerable. Potential bosses, colleagues and partners want to be around people they can relate to not people they’re in awe of.  Be truly yourself then whatever happens you’ll be confident to deal with it.
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December 4, 2012 at 4:23 pm

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